WeChat Account Types for Brands

As mentioned in my previous post blog post, WeChat is the rising star in the Chinese social media scene, and numerous brands in various industries are already utilizing its verified account functionality. Below are screen shots of some branded WeChat accounts from Tourism Australia, Coco Cola, and Tiffany & Co. respectively.


Before going ahead and setting up an account for your company, it is important to understand the different types of branded WeChat account you are able to set up.

Service Accounts Vs. Subscription Accounts

Service Accounts

Service accounts are used for brands that require followers to proactively interact with them. These accounts are programmed in a way which can answer the followers’ questions. As an example, telecommunications companies could utilize Service accounts and answer followers’ questions with regards to billing, promotions etc.
Tiffany & Co. (WeChat ID: tiffanyandcoofficial) has a Service account. Their goal is to introduce followers to the stories behind a few key pieces of their special collection. I was interested in finding out more about the diamond that has the code 000. After I typed it in, the Service account sent out the story and specs behind this rock. Now, I just need to make some money to buy it!

For specifics on how you can advertise on WeChat, download our WeChat Advertising Guide and check out or blog post on “Why Brands Should Care About WeChat Advertising“.

tiffany wechat type 2

Subscription Accounts

These accounts use push notifications to communicate with their followers. Whenever there is new content, followers will get notified. In the example below, Coca Cola’s (WeChat ID: bjcocacola) Feb 26 post notified their followers about a packaging change as summer is almost here.

coca cola account type 2

Summary of Feature Differences

Service Account Subscription Account
WeChat Group Message Frequency 1 per month 1 per day
Messages Appears On Chat List(First Tier Page) Subscription Folder(Second Tier Page)
Message Push Yes Yes
Interactive Content Menu Yes Yes- only verified subscription account
Message Flow Customer actively search for info Customers passively receive info

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