Tailor your advertising creative to a Chinese audience and develop new advertising campaigns.

Sheng Li Digital is a full-service ethnic marketing agency specializing in multi-faceted campaigns for our customers’ target markets. Our highly talented team of strategists, designers, and developers work with you to bring your brand to life and drive traffic to your business online.


Our clients require our creative services to develop advertising messaging for their campaigns. In most cases, our clients already have relationships with a creative agency; we understand that and are not looking to take over those relationships. However, sometimes these agencies lack the resources or expertise for designing multi-lingual campaigns and that’s where we can be of assistance. Whether it’s designing a newspaper ad for Sing Tao or China Daily, or developing a Chinese language microsite with matching banner ads and online creative, we can fill in the gaps and develop efficiently integrated campaigns in a timely manner.

If you need one agency to manage all aspects of your ethnic marketing, Sheng Li can be that agency. Of course, we do not do everything in-house and have partners for some tactics and channels (for example, we do not film video, but work with creative partners that specialize in video). We’re happy to serve as the main point of contact and manage the partner relationships.

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