What is Actually Involved in WeChat Marketing?

WeChat has been top of mind for marketers eager to tap into the enormous China market, and we get a lot of clients requesting a WeChat business account be setup for them. Clients seem to think that setting up a WeChat account is all they need to be on this massive social media platform.

However, we urge clients to think of a WeChat business account as a Facebook Business Page. Setup is only the first step. There is a strong need for regular posts that are planned, published consistently, and based on a well-thought-out content strategy. There also needs to be an engagement strategy to increase followers and fans as well as exposure of the posts. We have come up with the following areas regarding WeChat marketing that brands need to consider on top of the account setup stage.

WeChat business accounts

WeChat Content Management
Consider WeChat posts as mini blog posts – typically 300 to 400 words of text content with a lot of images for illustrations. GIFs are commonly used as well. To align with Chinese consumers’ media consumption habits on WeChat, it is recommended to allocate appropriate resources to develop robust WeChat posts properly.

WeChat Content Strategy
Industry research and competitive analysis need to be conducted in order to determine the types of content that will appeal to the Chinese audience on WeChat. If the client has a content strategy for English social media platforms, we could definitely leverage that and build on it to make it appealing to the Chinese demographic.

WeChat Engagement Strategy
Now that we have established content resourcing and overall strategy, it is important to focus on getting your customers to follow your account and engage with your content — much like you would with any other social media platform. Some common engagement strategies include offline promotion, Key Opinion Leader engagement, email, contests, and more.

WeChat Advertising
It is possible to buy WeChat display advertising and in-feed advertising depending on where your target market is. Sheng Li Digital has a comprehensive WeChat Advertising Guide and our agency is happy to answer any questions you may have about this platform.

It is recommended to budget two to three weeks for WeChat account setup — unlike Facebook, WeChat account setup is not instantaneous. There is a very strict application process that comes with setting up a WeChat business account, especially for Western companies without a Chinese business license. While your brand’s account is undergoing the application process, we would help clients with content and engagement strategy, as well as create and develop seed posts.

Hopefully, this post makes what’s involved in WeChat marketing more clear. We would love to hear from you regarding your WeChat needs.

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