What Type of WeChat Business Account is Right for My Brand?

Western brands and businesses are constantly asking us what type of WeChat account is best for them, and what the process is for setting up a WeChat Business Account.

WeChat still has limited functionality for companies who are looking to use the platform to engage with customers located outside of China. In recent news, there have been a few minor changes that your business should be aware of when evaluating the use of this emerging social media channel.

Choosing the Right WeChat Account for Your Business

WeChat is allowing companies outside of China to set-up a business account, but there are a few drawbacks. First, it’s important to note that there are two types of WeChat accounts.

The first type of WeChat account is a subscription account, which companies can register for, and this allows for one post per day. Followers receive notifications when content is posted to the account. This type of account is ideal for most brands.

The other WeChat account type is a service account, which is designed more to provide customer service to its followers on a one-to-one type basis. Service accounts can only post 4 times per month, which could potentially limit the interaction desired by some brands. However, these accounts allow for more customization and integration into APIs and payment gateways.

Now, assuming that your brand wants to set-up a subscription account – there are two types. The first type is based in China. This is a bit more difficult to set-up and likely requires the help of our Sheng Li Digital WeChat experts. We recommend this type of account because it can be viewed by all WeChat users, both within China and around the world.

The second type is a WeChat subscription account that is only available to WeChat users outside of China. This type of account is easier to set-up and does not require the company to send their business license documentation to China for verification; however, this account limits the following that your brand might have.

When Tencent and WeChat eventually turn on advertising (and other functionalities) for WeChat, we estimate that this may happen for accounts registered in China. Our recommendation is to avoid shortcuts and register the account properly. Get in touch, if you need a hand.

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