Top Tips to Succeed on Juwai, China’s Property Portal is China’s largest international property website. Essentially, it’s a portal for international sellers to connect with Chinese buyers (who top the list of foreign real estate purchasers in the U.S. and beyond). Chinese consumers receive information about property listings in their native language, while international sellers can navigate the platform in English. Because the site is hosted in China, foreign sellers are permitted e-access to a market usually protected by firewall.


Juwai statsJuwai may not be a household name yet, but it’s a hotbed for million-dollar properties – last year the platform generated over $14.9 billion dollars in sales leads for Canadian homes listed. The company is planning an IPO within the next year, so their exposure will only continue to increase.

When it comes to mastering the platform, here’s what you need to know as an English-speaking seller. Though Juwai offers translation from English into Chinese, there are other customs, account types, and marketing avenues to be aware of.


Secure Language Capabilities

Though the site translates your provided information from English into Chinese, businesses will need to continue communication offline when discussing any potential offers. Calls can be filtered through Juwai’s call centre, but to make the best impression it’s recommended to speak in Mandarin directly with clients, and have a team member or representative agency who can facilitate further communication in Mandarin offline.

Maximize Promotional Timing

It’s vital to know the key times Chinese buyers are most likely to invest. For example, China’s Golden Week happens twice a year – once during Chinese New Year, and once in the fall — and provides investors with opportunities to travel abroad, leading to a notable increase in property purchases. Buyers should tailor their marketing, special promotions and property tours to correspond to important dates like these.

Solidify Your Social Presence

WeChat is China’s most popular social messaging app; over 80% of China’s highest net-worth individuals use it. Adding contacts from Juwai to your WeChat allows them to communicate with you in the manner they feel most comfortable and efficient. As well, a social presence on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) will help boost your exposure and credibility in this market.

Juwai recommends adopting a Chinese name to further gain trust and authenticity. While this shouldn’t be a direct translation of your real name, it can represent positive characteristics you’d like to embody. It’s recommended to consult a native Chinese speaker to ensure accuracy.

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Choose the Right Subscription Package

Juwai offers a variety of packages depending on seller needs. For example, their Super100 profile allows for 100 listings with account management — a good fit when starting out, but luxury properties are more appropriately showcased on Juwai Luxe’s channel. Account add-ons can be customized to ramp up exposure for events, for example, or to target a specific category of Chinese buyer you’re intending to reach.

Juwai Luxe

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Setting up a Juwai listing is the first step in a successful introduction, but it’s important that all other aspects of communication remain authentic. There’s certain knowledge – from introductory language in marketing materials, to the right way to present business cards – that a Westerner may not be familiar with.

Working with an agency can help your Juwai presence improve holistically, for everything from exact translation to the correct social graces. Sheng Li offers Juwai account management boosted by paid advertising, audience targeting, and search engine marketing on Chinese digital channels. We predict the platform will only continue to expand as China continues its reign in real estate buying — building a presence now will help create strong guanxi (trust and credibility) within the investment market.

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