What Makes a Successful Chinese Key Opinion Leader Campaign

Influencer marketing has become a widely adopted tactic for brands, and we have seen great results with our clients’ Chinese key opinion leader (KOL) campaigns. We have summarized some learnings from past experience to share with you.

Research Based on Objectives

The first key component to a successful KOL campaign is the quality of research. By talking to the client, we learn about their industry, their brand story, and their competitors. Most importantly, we get an overview of their objectives for the KOL campaign. Based on the initial discovery with the client, we enter the research phase. We help clients determine KOL channel mix, reach, frequency and cost.

We typically work with 3 types of Chinese influencers: bloggers, media, and individual accounts with high engagement. We involve different types of influencers differently depending on the client’s campaign objectives.

Book in Advance

Another important tip in KOL marketing is to ensure you plan ahead and pencil in your campaign dates with the KOLs early. Some of the more elaborate campaigns are planned several months in advance of the campaign launch date. For special events like Singles’ Day and Chinese New Year, we recommend booking with KOLs one to two months in advance to ensure premium inventory.

Collaborate with the KOLs

Sometimes brands have a vision of how the KOL campaigns will look like. It is important to get the feedback from the KOLs as they know their audience best. Taking a more collaborative approach with the KOLs will help maximize campaign results.

Events and Holidays

Many brands utilize the KOL campaigns for new product/service launch campaigns. We find it beneficial to utilize KOLs to promote events and holidays as well. It is recommended to map out the important holidays that your brand aligns with and to plan KOL campaigns well in advance accordingly.

Singles’ Day and the Christmas season are fast approaching. Do you need help with planning and executing a KOL campaign? We can help!

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