Sheng Li Digital Accepted as Ambassador into Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York City

Sheng Li Digital is incredibly excited to announce we’ve been accepted into the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in New York City as an Ambassador – meaning we’re expanding into the Big Apple!

We’re the first marketing and advertising agency ever accepted into the program (nicknamed the [email protected]), designed by the Canadian Government to help startups prosper in the United States. It’s an honor to be included among Canada’s brightest young startups, including 20 Year Media, District M, Spoonity, Poppy Barley, Turnstyle, and Now In Store. Fellow Vancouverites Wantering were a past [email protected] success.

CTA@NYC Canadian Technology Accelerator Program NYC New York City
Through this program, we’ll be able to expand our service offerings to American clientele: we’ll be providing Chinese marketing services to businesses in NYC and beyond. The program will give us a chance to learn from mentors about business development, expanding our services, developing our proprietary Chinese advertising technology, and navigating the North American market.

Our parent agency 6S Marketing will be joining us in New York, too. 6S itself was born out a solarium in one of the co-founder’s apartments – these two lads believed in SEO when no one else did (remember, this was the year 2000!). 6S has since grown to one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Canada, and Sheng Li hopes to follow suit to become the largest Chinese marketing agency in North America! We are one of only a handful of North American agencies offering Chinese digital marketing and advertising, and it’s exciting to break new ground in the center of the advertising world: the island of Manhattan.

In New York, Sheng Li Digital will be offering the same services, but on a global scale: marketing in platforms like Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, and Youku, in addition to Chinese advertising in English platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.

New York has the largest Chinese population in North America, and Manhattan’s Chinatown is the biggest in the Western Hemisphere. We estimate that 99% of North American businesses don’t know how to reach this demographic effectively, and we can’t wait to start crafting strategies to allow these companies to reach their target market fluently.

Chris Breikss Sheng Li Digital Chinese Marketing and Advertising

Sheng Li Digital Co-Founder Chris Breikss

Sheng Li President and Co-Founder Chris Breikss will be re-locating to New York later this month to participate in the Canadian Technology Accelerator and represent both Sheng Li and 6S Marketing. Chris will be setting up shop inside the [email protected] offices located at Grind Broadway near Times Square.

Say hello to Chris if you see him!

Read more about the expansion in the press release.

See you on the East Coast. G?nb?i!

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