99% of North American Businesses Missing Out on Chinese Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 05, 2014

Sheng Li Digital is the first marketing and advertising agency to be approved into the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in New York City. Designed to support technology startups, the Canadian Government recognizes Sheng Li’s ability to help businesses succeed with a Chinese target market, and is providing support to aid their expansion into New York.

“Sheng Li bridges the gap between East and West like no one else can,” says co-founder Chris Breikss. “There are over 1 billion people in China, and we’re geared towards companies who want to be the early movers in this market, tapping into a huge audience others don’t know about.”

“In addition, Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest in the Western Hemisphere,” explains Amy Bao, Sheng Li’s lead project manager. “There are nearly 700,000 Chinese people in New York, and they’re waiting to be spoken to fluently by North American brands. We see great potential here – we estimate that 99% of North American brands are unaware of how to correctly market to a Chinese speaking demographic.”

Sheng Li Digital can prove their success rate – they were born out of Vancouver agency 6S Marketing after running prosperous Chinese campaigns. Their client roster includes an elite fashion school, luxury automobile dealerships, and high-end real estate developments. In New York, Sheng Li is offering marketing services in Chinese platforms like Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter), Baidu (a popular Chinese search engine), Youku (a Chinese video platform like YouTube) and WeChat (a Chinese messaging app like WhatsApp), along with Chinese ads in English platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Sheng Li is also building powerful new ad technology that will allow advertisers to target the Chinese speaking demographic more broadly than ever before, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

It’s a race for English-speaking brands to build their presence first. Breikss notes, “In only a couple of years from now, the Chinese advertising market will be flooded, so it’s important for businesses to connect with their target audience — and grab market share — before the competition does.”

How does Sheng Li build bridges between the two sectors? Many companies are inexperienced in the particulars of Chinese advertising: understanding that word-for-word translation will need to be customized and reworked, getting approval from Chinese platforms, and conforming to Chinese government regulations. Sheng Li will be leveraging the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in New York City to help businesses in New York and worldwide reach the Chinese demographic fluently.

The agency’s presence suggests a great benefit to both New York and Canada, and it highlights the beginning of exciting new marketing opportunities.

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